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London Twestival February 20, 2009

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Over a week later and I have finally got my act together to write about my take on my Twestival experience.

I started off feeling pretty nervous about going as my impression was that it would be full of geeky people stood around staring at their mobiles tweeting all night! How wrong was it!¬† I got there about 9pm as was running late, after a tour of the Shoreditch area and wandering around in the sleet lost for a few minutes the entrance was located! I was glad to find out that by getting there late I had inadvertently avoided a long queue freezing outside, I knew going to dinner late was a good move ūüôā

Anyway, going in I was greeted with people taking my ticket (thanks @luke) and stamping my hand then handing me tickets for free drinks and good, awesome! First stop was the cloakroom where there seemed to be a bit of mayhem with not enough space for all the coats.¬† I assured the attendants I didn’t mind mine being slung at the back and it was in!¬† Made a couple of friends in the cloakroom including @PBizzle who I randomly bumped into getting my coat later (which was a bit chaotic to say the least!)

To the bar was my next though and with glass of wine in hand I headed to make myself a twitter bird (see pic).¬† She needs a name so any ideas are appreciated! Anyway, enjoyed making my bird a lot, got chatting to @MattBrawn whose bird was much hotter than mine and I am informed he is now called Bert and is living in Kew Gardens.¬† I appreciated Matt’s help with making mine and I escaped with only minor glue gun burns, ok for what can be described as a drunk textiles class!

Having trouble threading that needle?

Having trouble threading that needle? Courtesy of @ParkyLondon

My twitter bird

My twitter bird

Now I was thinking to myself that it didn’t seem that busy and it didn’t look like there were 600 people there, only to discover that there was in fact another room called the main room, doh! Here there was music and beer and lots more drunk people! This is where I started eyeing some twitter celebs.¬† First spot was @mashable who I sadly became a bit star struck over seeing and was too scared to talk to him :S I am not proud of this! Anyway, got chatting to a few other random people in here and was entertained when someone asked me if I was a film runner! This gives a good insight into the people at Twitter, met lots of techy people which I found quite cool asit¬† was good to mix in different circles to normal.

After locating @amanda who was busy selling raffle tickets I got mine then went off for more drinks which I was impressed to find were only ¬£2.50, bargain! Anyway, after that some raffle prizes were anounced (no win for me, boo hoo) then the night seemed end quite abruptly with a crowed heading towards the cloakroom.¬† This was quite chaotic as there were so many coats that locating them with the tickets wasn’t going too well and people started wading in to look for their coats! Quite funny, after a few minutes describing mine I saw it slung at the back and after much waving and pointing I was reunited! After loitering for a bit and asking about an after party to which I clearly was not going to be invited I disappeared off into the night with my bird…

Overall I thought Twestival was great and a real success, can’t wait for the next one ūüôā

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The arm pre and post op… some xray pics May 26, 2008

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The impressive break

The impressive humerus break

Post op bionic arm


Hello world! May 15, 2008

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Through procrastination I have decided to start a blog, we shall see what interesting things I feel the need to write about… next installment: broken arm…