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Geeky computer stuff February 3, 2009

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Hello! Thought it was about time for another blog.  This time I thought I’d write a bit about the new and older programmes I have been using lately.  These include Facebook, Twitter, Dopplr, and to name a few.  All these seem to have pro’s and cons and I would like to share my opinions from the perspective of someone who is fairly new to all this geeky business and a bit skeptical of it’s value!

Anyway, let start with good old Facebook.  I along with many people am a member of this ‘social’ network. However I have come to question its true value as a social tool.  Weirdly had it not been for Facebook I probably wouldn’t have ended up going out with my most recent ex boyfriend, however I’m sure it also contributed in some part to our parting.  Trust issues were not helped by the ‘big brother’ nature of this networking tool.  Also having lots of interlinked friends at university meant that sometimes it was easier to have a look at a wall to wall conversation rather than ask a person how they are having already gathered the answer…thus reducing social interaction.  I have toyed with the idea of deleting it altogether but there is something that keeps me hanging on.  I think it is the voyeur in me that likes looking at drunken pictures and seeing what is going on in other people’s lives and the nagging feeling that if I didn’t have Facebook  I would become a social outcast. This lent I will probably give it up like last year and maybe after 40 days and 40 nights I might go all the way.

Next up… Twitter! It took me a while to get into it but now I am quite enjoying it and have even met up with a couple of people from it! It’s been great for finding fellow runners and has really helped with the motivation.  Also following people like Lance Armstrong and other top cyclists is quite cool and it’s interesting to hear about their racing and Tour preparation.  The downside is it can be quite addictive and time consuming! Since becoming single the tweeting has drastically increased, more than doubling, which is somewhat sad but oh well, I have encountered loads of interesting people so got to be a good thing! I also now have Tweetdeck so I can keep track of all the interesting people I follow. Argh, I must stop transforming into a geek!

Now to Dopplr. It’s great being able to track all my trips as can look back on it in future.  I love the little features on your profile which tracks your speed and map your trips too.  I am currently the speed of a giant tortoise, slow and steady wins the race and all that! Planning some BIG trips in the future though, might even be as quick as a duck soon 😀 You can add friends on there and share trips and tips about places you have visited, making it social and informative.

Finally this is something I have signed up to recently and it’s a great way of listening to music as you can put in a bands name and it brings up lots of their songs. Also there is an option to listen to a bands ‘radio’ which is music by that band and of other bands which are of the same genre.  It’s a great way of exploring music and discovering bands you may not have listened to before. It is social as you can add friends on their and view their favourite and recently listened to music.  However I will soon be giving Spotify a go to see what all the hype is about and whether it can compete with!

Anyway, many of you probably know this information but thought I’d give my take on the basics! Will be exploring the depths of what the internet has to offer in due course! Overall I think technology is a good thing but it has a tendency to take over if left unchecked. I’m happy with what I’m using at the moment, think much more and there definitely wouldn’t be enough hours in the day! Still unsure about FB but have just created a running society group on there so it does have it’s uses for marketing groups and events, which I like and hence I stick with it! Right, thats enough rambling for one post! Next one will definitely be about running…

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One Response to “Geeky computer stuff”

  1. Colin McCarthy Says:

    I recently pruned my Facebook account as only wanted it to be used to share information, pic, etc with people I ‘really’ wantws to connect to and stay up to date with. I think it’s true usefulness is lost if you share everything with everyone.

    Twitter is getting like that too, or seems to be. Everyone appears to just want more and more followers. People I don’t know follow me and I think ‘why? its not like I say cool things’. 🙂

    Keep up with the technology posts, they are good and interesting. There is a nerd inside us all.

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